5 Tips for First Time Cat Owners

At a glance, cats do look like independent animals. However, cats still need good care to stay healthy. Cats can be kept with cages or without cages. When treating without a cage, cats can indeed play freely, but PetLovers should still pay attention to their cleanliness so that the cat stays in good health. How to? Check the review below!

Check regularly

How to treat cats without cages for beginners, the first is to do regular checks. Usually, routine checks are conducted twice, monthly and yearly. Monthly checks are generally done for fur care and overall cat health. Meanwhile, the annual examination aims to check the organs in cats.

Cats without cages will roam more often outside the home so that examinations are very important to detect disease in cats before developing more severe. Also discuss the care and health of cats with a veterinarian. Observe if there are a number of different things such as walking, how to meow, and differences in cat behavior.

Cat fur comb

Cats that are kept without cages are of course very active to roam so they must be kept clean regularly, or what is also called grooming. If the cat’s fur is long, PetLovers can use a brush pin to comb its fur. Meanwhile, if the cat’s fur is flat, use a flat slicker brush to comb it. For kittens that are still small and vulnerable, use a mini-sized comb that has soft teeth.

Combing cat hair is very important for lifting dead hairs, cleaning fleas, removing fungus on cat hair, clots, and can also promote blood flow to the cat’s body.

Clean the teeth

PetLovers favorite cat teeth must be cleaned regularly. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and use cat-specific toothpaste. Avoid using human toothpaste because ordinary toothpaste containing fluoride is toxic to cats. Let the cat taste the toothpaste so that it gets used to it.

Brush your cat’s teeth regularly in a circular motion from front to back. Do it little by little and slowly for about 30 seconds. Sanitary dental care is important because many cat diseases are associated with teeth and gums. If the cat’s teeth are not treated properly, it will cause bacteria and plaque.

Give bed to sleep

Just because PetLovers’ favorite cats don’t have a cage, that doesn’t mean PetLovers can let cats sleep anywhere. Preferably, PetLovers provides a base for cat beds, can be cloth or something else. Now there are quite a lot of special pedestal products for pet cats, usually in the form of a rectangular pillow.

This is important to do, PetLovers. The reason is, if the cat is left sleeping on the floor or rough surface, the hair on the cat’s body can fall out and over time will experience baldness.

Feed regularly

For the sake of avoiding cats looking for food themselves carelessly, make sure to feed regularly 2-3 meals a day. Also add vegetables and fruit like cooked broccoli. Kittens aged 6-12 weeks can be fed four times a day. Let the cat play with the food through unique modifications to the food container.

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