Gonuts Donuts’ Cronuts: The Craze Continues

Cronuts is slowly invading Davao as Gonuts Donuts introduced their own version of cronuts! When Algene invited me to taste their cronuts, I signed up right away and chose to visit their branch in Abreeza at 3 P.M. Since the President’s Month Kick-Off at Grand Regal Hotel ends at 3:30 P.M., I had to leave early minutes before the taste test event starts.

As soon as I arrived at the venue, I spotted Sarah G. and Anna Liza then I entered the store. Few minutes later, Andrew and his friends arrived then a little later, Sharee joined us. The Gonuts Donuts team made us sit in the designated place for us to start the taste test of their cronuts.

The cronuts craze here in Davao is spreading like wildfire! As of this moment, there are already three stores offering cronuts. The first one being Cafe France, second is The French Baker and the latest one is Gonuts Donuts. Unlike other cronuts that are baked, they fry their cronuts thus the color seemed to appear darker. They are coated with granulated sugar to add sweetness into it. It kinda reminds me of Otap which is a delicacy in Cebu.

This is the Strawberry Jam Cronut. They’ve used pure strawberry to make a jam. This cronut has a cream filling to add more flavor.

As a strawberry lover, it tasted perfectly and surprisingly, the flavors of sugar and strawberry jam complemented very well with the cronut! Although I haven’t tasted the filling which could add more flavor to the cronut.

This is the Peach & Cream Cronut. On top, it has whipped cream with chunks of peaches. Of all the cronuts, this one caught my eyes and it looked vibrant!

Among the cronuts they have, this one’s my favorite. The filling inside the cronut goes well with the whipped cream and peach although a bit sweet, this was delicious and would love to eat this one again.

This is the Apple Cinnamon Cronut. This cronut has an apple jam on top although when I saw the picture, it has chunks of apple on it.

I rank this cronut my second favorite. I love cinnamon and its essence made prevalent of this cronut but I have one problem though: The apple was not in the scene and I didn’t knew that there should be chunks of apple on top.

Well, this cronut was tasty but I do hope to see chunks of apple on top of this cronut next time.  This is the Blueberry Cream Cheese. This cronut has blueberry on top with cream cheese filling.

When I tasted this cronut, this was too sweet for me because of the sugar that coated the cronut. While eating this cronut, one important ingredient went missing and it was the cream cheese filling. I do hope they’ll fill this cronut with cream cheese to give justice to its name. Nonetheless, this was delicious but too sweet for my taste buds.

This is the Chocolate Almond Cronut. On top is the chocolate ganache and almond nuts. This one also looks attractive to my eyes.

What I love on this cronut is the chocolate ganache since it was not sweet thus it made a great contrast with the sugar. The almond nuts tasted so good and combined with this cronut very well.

This is my third pick among other cronuts I’ve eaten.

Thank you so much Gonuts Donuts for the delectable cronuts, to Algene for inviting me and fellow bloggers for this cronuts taste test, to the Gonuts Donuts team for being so accommodating and answering our questions regarding the cronuts. The unfortunate thing is, I wasn’t able to try their Sugar Coated Cronut but it’s okay! But I really hope that they’ll fill in their cronuts with lots of cream until it oozes so that our 75 Pesos will be worth spent! I would love to eat the cronuts again especially the Peach & Cream! 😀
What are you waiting for? Buy some cronuts and join the craze! If you’re here in Davao, they’re available in Gaisano Mall of Davao and Abreeza branches.
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