Teach Your Puppy These 3 Basic Commands

Puppies must be trained to do various things so that they can grow into good dogs. He is not born to understand how to play well, to defecate in the place specified in the yard, and to walk with the reins beside you. You may have to spend a few months teaching puppies to do all these things. Use a firm but gentle exercise style to guide the dog to do the exercises he needs to learn. Immediately, he will grow to be a mature and well-behaved dog and get a special place in your family.

Dogs are intelligent animals, whatever type of dog we maintain they have a better IQ than other pets such as cats, rabbits or hamsters. That is the uniqueness of dogs compared to other animals, it’s no wonder dogs become animals that are very loved in all corners of the world.

Maybe we often see well-trained dogs so that they seem to be very obedient to their employer, how to train the dog to be obedient does indeed require more consistency and effort than the dog owner. Dog training is best started when the dog is still very small, you can train a 1 month old puppy to understand some special signs, if the training starts very early when the puppies are behaving and their character is still very easily formed.

All dogs have wild characters who are indeed talent from nature, the behavior of chasing after game, poop or pee in any place as a sign of territorial territory and barking is a natural trait that must be understood by all dog owners. If you don’t want your dog to behave too wildly, you need to give them special training. Every animal needs a leader, whether the leader is a human or similar animal, when a dog has thought you are their leader it will be easy for them to try to understand what we want. Dogs will do anything for the food they like, so use this treat as a bait.

There are 3 standard trainings that dogs need to understand, the exercises we will discuss are better applied to very young dogs (puppies) so that they more easily absorb what we teach, although this also applies to all ages of dogs. What are the forms and practices? let’s discuss together below.

Sit and stay
The problem that often occurs is that dogs are too active so it is difficult to control, therefore training them to stay and sit quietly therefore this method is very important to teach them. As explained earlier dogs will make every effort to get what they like, so first you need a treat like a snack or their favorite food for training.

Come on
Some dogs may not understand that they are being called by their employer, in fact dogs themselves do not understand what humans say but they remember when you want to give them food. So whatever you say as a sign whether using dialects in English, Indonesian or their local language only remembers the sign that you want to feed them.

The next method is heel, where we must ensure that the dog is right behind or beside us when walking. Problems that often occur dogs will run in no direction or focus, they will forage on the road or focus on objects that move around them. Now here are the training patterns that you can do.

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