The 7 Best Dog Breeds for First Time Owners

Have you dreamed of adopting a dog for a long time? Getting a playmate as smart as Lassie, Buddy, or Hachiko is so legendary as in the film. You certainly hope to get a submissive pet and always be faithful to accompany. Even if you look at movies, dogs are so smart and reliable in difficult situations.

But in reality, raising dogs is not as easy as we imagine. There are many requirements that must be met for your pet to be happy and avoid stress that can affect his health.

1. Dogs need a lot of attention, which means you have to be willing to spend more time and energy if you intend to maintain it. If you live alone and often come home from work late at night, maybe keeping a dog is not the right decision.

2. Each dog breed has its own character. For example, if you need a friendly dog, this type of Golden Retriever can be an option. But if you want a cheerful dog, Bazaar recommends maintaining French Bulldog or Corgi.

You can find information about the desired breed on the first page of Google. It’s really easy but people usually forget.

3. You certainly have often heard the words a dog is for life. The reason is simple, having a dog means you are ready to commit to fulfilling the life of the pet until they close their eyes. Not to mention the food, vet bills, vaccines, grooming, check ups, neutering spraying, heartworm pills, medicines and maybe some training.

Don’t forget if the dog also has a strong bond with the owner. Then any changes that occur in your life, will affect their feelings as much.


4. Do you often travel out of town? If so, you should start thinking about the cost of keeping a dog calculated per night like a hotel, or the cost of bringing a pet to the plane or other public transportation.

5. How is your home? If you like a neat and spotless house, there will certainly be a lot of homework waiting.

It is best to avoid having glassware if you intend to keep a puppy. Because like human children, they like to run and smash.


6. Your dog should not only be your lifestyle, but also your surroundings. Pay attention to the size of the dog you are about to adopt. If you live in an apartment, don’t keep large types of dogs.

Although maintaining small breeds, they also need space to play. Don’t make it difficult for your dog to move and boredom. Because this will also affect his health.

7. Don’t forget to pay attention to the humidity level and temperature. Just like humans, these furry creatures can also overheat. Some specific breeds even need air-conditioned rooms if maintained in Jakarta.

Keep in mind that dogs don’t have pores, so they won’t sweat. The way the dog regulates body temperature is by opening his mouth and removing the tongue.

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