The Enchanted Christmas Forest @ SM City Davao

Christmas is near once again folks! And what could be the better way to celebrate but to witness the spectacle and enchanting Christmas brought to you by SM City Davao!

I was invited to witness the opening of “Enchanted Christmas Forest.” When we say enchanted, expect fairies, nymphs, elves and other creature that represents fantasy, magic and nature.

Before the event started, I was privileged to be in the front row and it means one thing: Better coverage of photos and video! What I love about the Christmas trees are the colorful decorations and ornaments. It is dominated with red, gold and silver. There are also a number of golden reindeer around the Christmas trees.

This Christmas Launch will highlight the gift giving of chosen 150 children, who are beneficiaries of DCCSD or Davao City Social Services and Development Office. This has been a tradition and an annual event in SM City Davao and other SM Malls nationwide to mark the Christmas season.

Of course, This Christmas Launch will not be complete without the musical number from the beautiful voices of this choir known as “SM City Davao Choir.” They filled the whole Annex building with Christmas songs that made our heart melt and at the same time, made us excited for this year’s Christmas. They were donned with Christmas colors that made them colorful! 😀

After the wonderful musical number, we witnessed the enchanting story of Christmas. The participants were graceful and played their character so well. To see the lighting of the Christmas tree, please watch the video.

The lighting of the Christmas trees was amazing and I was just in awe! This was indeed one spectacular event! The Christmas lights illuminated the whole area and to witness this Christmas launch is just unforgettable. But it’s not done yet! To complete the Christmas launch, there was one visitor whom the children loved because, he’s not just friendly and nice, he’s generous too! Who could that be? Well, here he comes.

It’s Santa Claus! Of course, Christmas won’t be complete without this jolly good fellow Santa Claus. He was tasked to give gifts to children and they were so lucky to meet him! And to make the gift giving organized, they were asked to make three lines and it went smoothly. All of them got gifts and I’m sure they’re happy on what they’ve received this year.

This Christmas Launch at SM City Davao was a success! Everyone had a great time and lots of children were in the event as Christmas really are for children especially those who’ve been so nice this year. This will be the most enchanting holiday for all of us. What are you waiting for? Visit this Enchanted Christmas Forest at the Annex building of SM City Davao. Nothing to worry as they’re open in mall hours. Take a picture and treasure it for more Christmas to come.

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