What should I feed my kitten?

In the wild, tigers really understand their needs for food. By giving your kitten, the right food at the right time, you will support his instincts as a true carnivore and hunter.

Special food for kittens

During the first 4-5 weeks, they will get nutrition from their mother. Usually they will stop at week 7, but you can give them special foods such as WHISKAS® Kitten Pouch.

Small stomach, big appetite

A kitten is small for you, but believe that it will grow 15 times faster than a human baby! With the size of his stomach the size of your thumb, you shouldn’t give him food. That’s why it’s important to feed them regularly – you can give them up to 6 times a day. Try rubbing the food on their plates so they can lick and feel it.

Portion of adult kittens and cats

Around the age of 4 months, one WHISKAS® Kitten Pouch is suitable for a single meal for kittens. Give him 3-4 meals a day until stepping on the sixth month. After that, 2-4 times a day is enough to fulfill his appetite. When you are 10-12 months old, your kitten is ready to eat an adult kitten, where you only need to feed him twice a day.

Food Voters

In the wild, tigers are careful eaters, where they will avoid anything that feels strange. Your kitten also has the same instincts, and they prefer to be served fresh food, at room temperature in its clean bowl.

Change the Food Menu

If you want to try giving a new food menu. Give it gradually and little by little, because changing it suddenly will cause a stomach ache for a sensitive stomach.

Out of habit

Shortly after your kitten stops getting milk from his mother, they will lose their ability to digest milk – Don’t give cow’s milk! The fact is that many foods can be consumed by humans but can be very dangerous for kittens – for example, onions can cause anemia. So don’t be tempted to give your little food just because you want to treat it like a human. You just have to give him a menu of foods that are suitable for him at the right time, he will get all the nutrients he needs.


Kittens have very sensitive noses and ears, this makes them quickly catch annoying smells – chemical odors. That is the reason why he prefers to drink from a pool of water (even a bathroom!) Compared to his water bowl. To prevent the habit of drinking more, place the water bowl in a place far from their toilet. But if this strange habit continues, don’t worry – this is common!


Tigers are very careful about their cleanliness. That’s why they never ate and went to the toilet in the same place. Even the little one is no different from them, so make sure you put their toilet away from the place where they will eat and drink. To find out more can be read in the practice of defecating.

Long and healthy life

Its shiny fur, sparkling eyes and flexibility of muscles are a sign that your kitten is getting healthy nutrition. If you feed him properly balanced cat food in every development of his life, you will immediately see changes in his appearance. Miskel flavored Whiskas enriched with calcium, phosphorus and Vitamin D for bone health and ensures optimal growth of your cat.

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